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“At Savannah NeuroCare, we treat the people that are considered untreatable.”          

-Dr. Josh Sweeney

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Success story

I have had chronic migraines and neck pain for many years. They have caused relationship and work problem, and I have seen a lot of practitioners that have been of little help. Dr. Josh gave me the most thorough neurological exam I’ve ever had. I left his office with hope, even after the initial visit. At this time, the migraines have improved greatly. Last weekend my son got married. I didn’t have migraine or neck pain the entire weekend. I know I will improve even more! I couldn’t recommend Dr. Josh more! He is kind, caring and compassionate and has given me my life back! Sue Schinzer

What is the Cause of Your Migraine?

Our understanding of migraines has been completely wrong for many years. Migraine sufferers around the world have been mismanaged and mistreated.  The difference wasn’t apparent until the symptoms of the migraine started. At this point, it was too late to do anything.

Your Migraines May Have to Do with Your Past Concussion

We see a common phenomenon of those who are suffering from migraines with a long history of multiple concussion. What is the relationship? We believe that this relationship is due to damage to one area of your brain.