What is the Cause of Your Migraine?

Our understanding of migraines has been wrong for many years. Because of this, migraine sufferers around the world have been mismanaged and mistreated. Before the outpouring of research in the past decade, the thought process of migraine sufferers was that these people had the same brain function as non-migraineurs. This difference wasn’t apparent until the migraine started. Once, the migraine had started, there was a clear difference. Now we know the cause of migraines and it has led to more appropriate treatments with better results.

Understanding Migraines

 For a long time, we believed that your migraine was due to neurotransmitter dysfunction. For these reasons, migraines have been primarily treated with drugs that ultimately change your neurotransmission.  We now know that this is not the case. Our current understanding has changed the entire management of migraines. This has given these “forgotten migraine patients” new hope. Now with understanding, we know that a migraine is due to an altered state or weakness in one area of the brain. This causes imbalances leading to the pain and other symptoms associated with migraines.

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Treating Migraines

 When your leg is weak or injured, we all know that you need to strengthen your leg. This is required if you want to get back to 100%. There are other factors that discourage quick recovery like proper diet, sleep, alcohol, etc. But we all KNOW that the leg is the major factor in getting better. Think of migraines and the brain the same way you think of a leg or ankle injury.

With migraines, there is a weakness in the brain. Until we rehabilitate the brain, we are very unlikely to see the good results. Now that you know that migraines are a chronic disorder that is caused by an altered or weakened state of brain function, it is important to get proper treatment.

Not All Migraines are the Same

Each migraine sufferer has different factors that surround his or her weakened area of their brain. Not all migraine sufferers have the same symptoms. You have many brain areas that require symmetry to function properly. What we see with migraine patients is that one or more areas in their brain have a severe imbalance. This causes the whole brain to suffer.

When one area of your brain is unable to perform its primary function, another area will help. This compensation will allow you to almost unknowingly go about your life. Unfortunately, your brain is only able to compensate for so long. When this compensation mechanism fails, you have about 1-2 days before the migraine starts. This means that your migraine actually starts more than 24 hours before you have any symptoms! This is an important reason why migraine treatment needs to change from medication to treating it as a chronic progressive disorder.

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How Can You Help Me?

The treatment of migraines has come so far in the last few years. We are now able to strengthen the weakened areas of your brain. We are able to achieve these results through clinical neuroscience and brain-based rehab. Our migraine rehabilitation program includes peripheral nerve stimulation, vestibular rehabilitation, gaze stability exercises, head-eye rotations, visual exercises, and or physical rehabilitation.

This is a completely revolutionary approach to the millions of people suffering from migraines. When it comes down to the cause of your migraine, it is most appropriate to say that this is simply, a weakened state of the brain. Because of this, decreasing inflammation, balancing hormones, a proper diet, an appropriate amount of exercise, proper sleep hygiene, and stress management all become important to manage as your migraine continues to progress in severity, pain, and regularity. When you have tried every doctor, pill, and diet with no hope, I encourage you to look deeper into the source of your migraine.

The brain is the common factor or the root cause of every migraine patient. With the extraordinary amount of research on migraines, our hope is that more clinicians understand that the current approach is inappropriate. The necessity to rehabilitate these weakened brain areas that are directly responsible for the pain and other symptoms associated with your migraine is a crucial step in the rehabilitation process. Start your healing process today by calling and setting up your examination.




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