The Migraine Concussion Connection

What is the Migraine Concussion Connection?

We see a common phenomenon at our clinic in Savannah, GA and we refer to it as the migraine concussion connection. Many of the people who are suffering from migraines also have a long history of multiple concussions. What is the relationship? We strongly believe that this relationship is due to damage to one specific area of your brain. This area of your brain is responsible for autonomic or automatic functions like heart rate, blood pressure, and digestion. This area of your brain is referred to as the reticular formation in the lower part of your brainstem. It is located right at the base of your skull. Damage to the reticular formation whether that be in your lower part of your brainstem or upper is seen in virtually every migraine sufferer and everyone who has sustained prior head injuries. 

Your Brain was Damaged

When these areas of your brain are not functioning appropriately, it causes imbalances. These imbalances manifest as certain areas being weaker than others. Those who have dealt with post-concussive syndrome (PCS) know that even the littlest tasks can become difficult. Whether your symptoms are more physical like fatigue, dizziness, light or sound sensitivity, or more emotion symptoms of depression, anxiety, or anger, it can be really challenging. It is important for those suffering to get the help they need.


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New Hope For Concussion and Migraines

Your brain is not unlike any other muscle. If you injure your brain, it takes time to go through an inflammatory process. We assume that most people will be symptom-free at the end of 10-14 days. This happens through the inflammation process. The truth is that about 85% of people following a concussion are symptom-free in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, being symptom-free doesn’t mean your brain is back to 100%. It does mean that you can go back to work or school, unlike the other 15%. For those of you that are still dealing with symptoms, the damage to your brain was much more severe. Everyday activities have now become more difficult. Until you address the functional changes to your brain, you will continue having symptoms. Until recently, we had no hope for patients like yourself.

Fortunately, we now have a wealth of information on the function of the brain.  As well as how the brain gets affected following a concussion. We commonly see damage in a few different areas of the brain. For those of you that are suffering from PCS, your goal involves correcting the sensory inputs to the brain that allow the brain to function appropriately.  If you are suffering from PCS or migraines, the most important thing to do is get help. 

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Everything Affects Your Brain

As you know, many things affect the brain, and a concussion is just one of those things. The truth is that everything affects your brain. This is why some of you have triggers of coffee and chocolate, while others are triggered by stress. But no matter what type of migraine you suffer from, it is due to a weakened state of one area of your brain. This is causing a cascade of events that is making you susceptible to various sensory inputs that you can trigger.

Let’s Rehab Your Brain

Your symptoms should give your doctor a lot of information especially regarding the most critical areas of your brain you need to address. As you address the factors of your brain’s dysfunction and rehabilitate those weakened areas, you begin to immediately see a reduction in symptoms. Whether that is the frequency, intensity and/or duration of your symptoms, continue to “workout” the areas of your brain that are weak in order to see phenomenal results.

Simply, the relationship between your migraine and concussion is that the same area of your brain is commonly affected. In those of you with migraines, it is due to a genetic susceptibility that has been made worse by a concussion.  In this event, you are at high risk for more serious issues down the road. Take care of yourself today, you only get one brain. Our clinic in Savannah, GA specializes in migraines, concussions, and other neurological conditions. Call us today. We want to help you.

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