Doctor-holding-brainKnee Pain Treatment Savannah GA

Do you suffer from relenting knee pain? Are you ready to walk, run, or play without constant pain? Let us help you achieve a pain-free life at Savannah NeuroCare. We utilize ARP therapy for the rehabilitation of knees. Whether your pain is from an old injury, surgery, or something else we would love to help.

What ARP Therapy?

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. This machine is the most powerful tool for rehabilitation of knee pain and other areas of the body. The machine uses electrical currents to quickly and effectively strengthen muscles, tendons, and ligaments. While strengthening the area it also shunts large amounts of blood to progress the healing process. Many times, we have difficulty specifically strengthening little muscles in the knee. With the use of the ARP machine, electrical current is sent directly through the knee to address all areas of dysfunction.

ARP therapy is so powerful we also use it to change the brain. Many times, when people are in a cast following surgery, they are unable to move the body part when they get out. When this occurs, the ARP can be used to really activate the brain to help move the arm.

Knee Pain for Muscle Imbalance

Many people who come into our clinic with knee pain at Savannah NeuroCare have a specific muscle imbalance. Doing one-legged squats or looking a tone of a muscle will clearly show that there is a problem. Before using the ARP to strengthen the muscles we need to bring balance back to the body. Our approach allows us to address compensation patterns, muscle weakness, and quick rehabilitation through the Accelerated Recovery Performance machine.

Severe Inflammation of My Knee

If you have inflammation of your knee that is preventing you from physically moving your knee. It is important to look at other factors that can cause knee pain. There are metabolic conditions that tend to cause pain as well. Our clinic is ready to help you no matter what the cause.

If you are looking to stop and pain and recover, contact us today!