Sprained Ankle Treatment Savannah GA

If you are still having issues from a past ankle sprain or you are looking for a treatment that works quickly to get you back in the game, look no further. Sprained ankles in Savannah GA can be rehabbed quickly at Savannah NeuroCare with the use of the ARP machine. ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance and is the most effective approach to rehabilitation of muscles, ligaments, and joints and building muscle.

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What is an ARP Machine?

ARP or Accelerated Recovery Performance utilizes powerful sensory stimuli to activate the muscles, joints, and tendons. It also shunts large amounts of blood to the area of injury to encourage proper healing. The rehabilitation of ankles, knees, shoulders, and the rest of the body has been changed forever with the use of the ARP machine.

Are You Ready to Recover?

Playing-SoccerSports Recovery and Training

If you play any sports, it seems like it is almost inevitable that you will suffer from an injury at some point. To get back on the field as quickly as possible is always the goal. We encourage a healthy recovery process. With that being said we can rehabilitate ankle injuries in just a few days rather than a few weeks. Imagine using this equipment not only to recover but to get stronger and faster than you have ever been. Training with the ARP machine will take your game to the next level.

Sprained Ankle Treatment

Treatment of an ankle sprain is very important directly following an injury. If you don’t rehabilitate the damaged areas, they heal improperly. This is when an ankle sprain that you got when you were young, continues to cause you problems for the rest of your life.

Luckily, with the use of the ARP machine, we are able to change the brain’s compensation pattern when it comes to chronic ankle pain. If you are still dealing with your sprained ankle and need treatment in Savannah GA, we would love to help!

What to do Following an Ankle Sprain?

When you have sprained your ankle, it is important to see a physician. There are ligaments that tend to tear if they are stretched far enough. On rare occasion, people may break a bone in their foot, this is when an ankle boot becomes very important for the bones to heal properly.

Doctor-technologyPost-Surgical Rehab

Did you have surgery on your foot or ankle? Are you still struggling to recover? Our rehabilitation protocols using the ARP machine will help you recover faster than you ever thought possible. Strengthening your ankle is only half the battle, the other half is changing the brain. With such a powerful stimulus to the brain, you have much better control of your ankle because your brain has a better map of your ankle. This means better movement, less likely to re-injure your ankle, and better reflexes. If you are ready for a more powerful and quicker recovery, we would love to help.

Recurrent Ankle Injuries

For someone that suffers from chronic ankle sprains, it is very important to get help. This may not seem like a big deal today, but down the road, this will really make it difficult to get around. Your brain has lost the map of that area of your body. This can be from many different reasons and we can help you today! Addressing the brain with recurrent injuries is necessary to recover.

Our Approach to Ankle Sprains in Savannah

Get ready for the most advanced form of rehabilitation. Get ready to say goodbye to your injury! We want everyone to be pain-free, strong, and excited to get back on the field, court, or just to be enjoying life again.


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