Eczema Treatment

The treatment of eczema is a lot different in Savannah, GA. Eczema is a skin condition that is prevalent in many different ages and races. It is important to learn what is causing your eczema in order to fix it. We will go over all of that in this article. I am excited you found my page because I am past eczema sufferer. I had an extreme case of eczema like many of you and really hit me by surprise.

Luckily, I was already studying a lot of functional medicine and clinical neuroscience. That did not mean it was easy to overcome, but it has given me a soft spot for those suffering from eczema without anyone to help.

What is Eczema?

Eczema-on-armEczema is a skin condition that has been linked to an autoimmune condition. This condition produces a rash that most commonly appears on the arms and legs. Many people will have this rash spread quickly due to the itchy sensation. This rash is usually flaky, bumpy, dry, red and is extremely itchy.

The more you itch, the more it spreads. This is really true when you are “active”. For all eczema sufferers, they know the difference between having the eczema flare-up and just having a skin rash. Let’s start to talk about why you have eczema and how to get rid of this issue.

Why Do I Have Eczema?

First off, you got unlucky and you did not with the genetic lottery. Secondly, you have done something to really inflame your body such as blood sugar imbalance, poor diet, allergies, etc… Third, you have this thing known as a leaky gut or more correctly stated, a hyperpermeable gut. Your gut is supposed to let certain things pass through but not everything.

When this happens, your stomach is no longer breaking down the nutrients and you detoxify through your skin. Food triggers are not the only triggers but are the most common and usually the biggest culprit of an eczema outbreak. Other things to watch out for include toxin cleaning products, soaps and shampoos, cooking oils, and seasonal allergies.

Supplements-in-a-spoonHow Do I Fix My Eczema

  1. Clean up your diet – Look at the autoimmune diet. This is the best diet for MOST people, but not everyone.
  2. Sleep a lot – Your body needs rest to heal. 8 hours + a nap.
  3. Minimize your stress – What can you do to decrease your stress?
  4. Get help! Autoimmune conditions are really tricky and without proper labs, information, diet, supplements, and guidance it can be a steep uphill battle.

We would love to help you or point you in the right direction on your road to recovery. I know how difficult eczema can be and I want you to get better. You can get healthy and enjoy your life again! Learn more about clinical nutrition and eczema treatment in Savannah, GA.


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