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Do you suffer from sciatica? Millions of people around the country suffer from sciatica and many doctors are confused at the mechanism of this condition. Let’s learn about how sciatica can affect someone and what you can do about it. We see many peripheral nerve injuries like sciatica at our clinic in Savannah Georgia.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a condition that causes dysfunction along the sciatic nerve. For those suffering from sciatica, they can feel numbness and tingling and sometimes pain along the backside of their leg and may go down as far as the foot. This will usually stop at the back of the knee. Your sciatic nerve branches off the lumbosacral plexus. The sciatic nerve branches off and innervates muscles in the lower leg and in the foot.

What Causes Sciatica?

Sciatica is caused by compression of the nerve from either the lumbar nerve roots or the piriformis muscle. Most people experience sciatica due to the sciatic nerve piercing through the piriformis muscle. Roughly 11% of people have their sciatic nerve pierce through the piriformis muscle. There is a high incidence of piriformis syndrome which is caused by the piriformis muscle. When the piriformis muscle gets too tight it will pinch the nerve and give you nerve pain and paresthesia. 

How Do You Treat Sciatica?

In order to have success treating sciatica, you need to first have a proper diagnosis of where the compression of the nerve is located. You can differentiate this through various neurological and orthopedic tests as well as a proper history. If your sciatica is due to compression of the nerve in your lower back then you need to look at different therapies to strengthen certain areas of your low back.

If your sciatica is due to piriformis syndrome, and you need to figure out what’s causing the hyperactivity of the piriformis muscle. Your piriformis muscle has the job of externally rotating your hip. When the muscle is extra tight, you will see the foot and hip flare out words. There’s a lot of different strategies to relax a muscle.

Your brain, when functioning improperly has the likelihood of tightening your piriformis muscle. This happens due to the brains reciprocal connection to the posterior muscles in your lower leg. For chronic sciatica, it is important to look at the brain to address the dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system. Many times what these patients need is what we referred to as functional neurology or clinical neuroscience. Working on the tight muscle to relax it will not work until you have addressed the brain dysfunction.

Neurological Rehabilitation 

At our clinic in Savannah Georgia we see many patients suffering from sciatica. The treatment for this condition is based on why the patient suffers from sciatica. Most of the patients that come into the office have seen every other type of doctor. This is how we know that we need to do something else outside of traditional therapy. These patient have tremendous success with brain-based rehabilitation while addressing the muscular system and the body as a whole. If you are still suffering from sciatica, let the specialist at Savannah NeuroCare help you. Learn more about neurological rehabilitation.


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