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Are you looking for a doctor in the Savannah area to help your child with ADHD? Do you want to get your child off of their medication? Let the specialists at Savannah NeuroCare help you. The treatment of ADHD is best when you combine clinical nutrition and clinical neuroscience. These two are mainly responsible for the large increase in children with ADHD.

The doctors at Savannah NeuroCare was to make sure your child’s brain is healthy. An unhealthy brain will exhibit signs of:

1. Hyperactivity

2. Impulsivity

3. Lack of Focus

4. Poor Attention to Detail and

5.Emotional Outburst.

When these symptoms of ADHD continually happen throughout your child’s early years he has a high potential of being label a “bad kid” or suffers academically due to the brain’s dysfunction.

Nutrition and ADHD

Having a proper diet and supplementation if necessary can be important to many people suffering from ADHD. The area of your brain that is struggling is very sensitive to food sensitivities, blood sugar imbalances, and other metabolic conditions. Having your child on a healthy diet has a major impact on his or her ADHD symptoms.

Neurological Rehabilitation and ADHD

We see amazing results with our patients through neurological rehabilitation. This allows us to change your child’s brain for the best. We do this through many different forms of therapy that may include

1. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation

2. Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation

3. Advanced Vestibular Therapy

4. Advanced Vision Therapy

5. Somatosensory Therapy

6. Physical Rehabilitation

7. Some much more…

3-Kids-Having-funOur Approach

The ADHD Doctor’s at our clinic in Savannah, GA will make a customized plan for your child. This is a holistic approach that offers the most advanced forms of rehabilitation in the world. Expect amazing results when you bring your child to Savannah NeuroCare. Contact us here.


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