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Do you suffer from severe anxiety? Do you get panic attacks?  The panic attack treatment doctor in Savannah is ready to help you. No matter the cause, your brain is
on able to compensate with the current “excitement” of your emotional cortex. This area of your brain is known as your limbic system. When your limbic system over fires you can develop symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions. Have you ever looked into neurological rehabilitation?

Brain Rehabilitation

Brain rehabilitation designed specifically for panic attacks works to strengthen the weakened areas of your brain that are causing these panic attacks. There are only a handful of clinics around the world that are equipped to not only help but are capable of rehabilitating the brain. The most important thing you can do at home is to minimize stressors in your life and live a healthy life. We address this aspect of mental health through clinical nutrition.
Doctor-with-brainSometimes this is not enough and we work with psychologists or therapists to help. The help that we provide comes from neurological care that has the ability to change your brain your brain through neurological rehabilitation.
A stronger brain means that you will be able to withstand higher levels of stress without having a panic attack. Before we go any further let’s understand how the brain has control over these emotional centers and how someone can develop panic attacks. About 90% of the frontal lobe‘s job is to inhibit these lower centers of your brain like your limbic system or your emotional cortex. A healthy frontal lobe is important to make good decisions, control your emotions, and to be decisive in thought. When you have an on unhealthy frontal lobe things like panic attacks, anxiety, depression, many other physical and mental disorders may occur.

How do you have a healthy frontal lobe?

This really comes down to how our sensory systems like vision, the balance system, muscles, joints, tendons, hearing, taste, and the information being sent from your gut to your brain known as interoception. Each one of the systems does not keep the brain healthy on its own, but together when they’re all working properly should keep the brain healthy.  If you have dysfunction in one of the systems like your visual system, other systems have to compensate and develop other strategies and how to keep your brain healthy. When this occurs things like mental health disorders and physical issues may occur.

Treatment in Savannah Georgia

If you are suffering from panic attacks your brain is failing. Your brain is not able to control your emotions, this is causing autonomic responses such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, poor digestion, and panic attacks. The doctors at Savannah NeuroCare would love to help you with your panic attacks at our clinic in Savannah, Georgia. Stop being a victim to your brain and start reaping the benefits of a better brain today.
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