Doctor-holding-brainStroke Rehabilitation in Savannah

At Savannah NeuroCare we offer neurological rehabilitation for those have suffered from a stroke. Our Stroke rehabilitation program offers the latest treatments that will offer better results. For those who have suffered from even minor strokes or brain injuries, let us help you.

Neurological rehabilitation of strokes has changed tremendously. Instead of treating the physical symptoms of a brain injury like the weakness in your leg, it is important to treat your brain. The injury is in your brain and your body is secondary. Targeting the brain allows us to really change the lives of our patients. We are able to do through brain-based rehabilitation.

Specific Stroke Rehabilitation

The most common type of stroke is a middle cerebral artery stroke. For those who from this type of stroke we have many therapies that allow for the activation through the shunting of blood to the damaged tissue. There is so much research on stroke rehabilitation and all the literature supports rehabilitation through the use of various eye movements, vestibular stimulation, somatosensory stimulation, and other forms of rehabilitation.

Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Man-In-Wheel-Chair-therapyWe are the only clinic in Savannah, Georgia that offers all of these therapies under one roof. Not only that, the doctors at Savannah NeuroCare are all board-certified functional neurologists. This gives us the ability to look at your brain and give you the exact exercises that your brain is craving. We want to help you not only achieve your personal goals of recovery but get you back to your life.

When it comes to stroke rehabilitation, the longer you wait the more difficult the treatment becomes. Call today, and learn how we can help you at Savannah NeuroCare. Contact us here.


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