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Do you suffer from back pain? You are not alone. Chronic back pain can be a serious condition and is one of the most common reasons to go see a doctor. For those of us who treat back pain whether that be in the neck, low back or the middle of the back it’s important to learn the factors at play and understand why someone has back pain.

To understand back pain you must understand a musculoskeletal system, you must understand the brain, you must understand visceral function, and you must understand how it all works together. Most pain that we experience is known as visceral-somatic pain. Meaning that this pain originates in the gut and is referred to the body. Understanding this mechanism is important to understanding pain especially in specific locations of the body.

NeuronThe brain controls four different tracks that directly synapse on the spinal muscles. These tracks are known as your vestibulospinal tract, your corticospinal tract, your rubrospinal tract, and your tectospinal tract. These tracts are responsible for the tone and proper control over the muscles of the spine. The muscles that these tracks control are the small muscles that stabilize the spine.

The larger muscles of the back are voluntary, meaning you can control them and move them how you want. When your brain is not functioning properly these tracks do not stabilize the spine. When this occurs, the larger muscles have to tighten or loosen to provide proper stability. These bigger muscles are doing the job that the brain is supposed to do. The result of this is pain and discomfort.

The musculoskeletal system is hugely important for low back pain as people develop imbalances in the back. These can be affected by postural control, exercise, injuries, compensation patterns, and so much more. As we see these compensation patterns in so many different ways it is important to assess the most important factors first.

In Savannah, GA we focus on neurological rehabilitation. We understand the primary function of the brain is to keep the spine stable and healthy. This is why it is most important to look at how your brain is functioning before addressing the musculoskeletal system. Coming to our clinic with back pain in you get a full neurological examination. Many people have trouble bridging the gap between back pain and the brain. Your brain is a direct connection to your muscles. When you look at back pain one of the most important things you can do is look at how the brain is functioning.

Doctor-with-brainThe specialists at Savannah NeuroCare are your experts in neurological rehabilitation. Our treatments consist of trigeminal nerve stimulation, peripheral nerve stimulation, advanced vestibular rehabilitation, advanced visual rehabilitation, proprioceptive therapies, neurosensory Integrative therapies, physical rehabilitation and much more. We would love to help you achieve your goals.



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