Functional Neurology

Functional Neurology in Savannah, GA

At our clinic in Savannah, GA we use the term Clinical Neuroscience or Functional Neurology to describe our ability as doctors to diagnose, manage, and rehabilitate neurological conditions such as migraines, dizziness, concussions, and chronic pain. We are able to do this by changing the brain through neuroplasticity. The beautiful thing about the brain is that it has the consistency of your grandmother’s famous jam. This allows the brain to adapt and change in just moments. Conditions that were considered untreatable or needed months or years to recover are now taking just minutes or a few days to recover. Our understanding of the brain and neuroplasticity has been greatly misunderstood and our ability to change the brain is giving us a new window to help millions of people with debilitating conditions.

We are able to change the brain without the use of drugs or medication through brain-based rehabilitation. This approach allows us to be specific in addressing dysfunction in distinct areas of the brain as well as major brain pathways. 

When you look at the brain as the bowl of jelly that it is, you need to be thinking why? It is because our brain and bodies are designed to adapt to stressors in our life and need to change quickly to stay alive. It is exciting to be on the cutting edge of neuroscience while being able to help people with conditions that are considered untreatable every week at our clinic.

We want to help you. There is something intimidating about trying something new, but we have been helping people for years overcome their condition. We are your specialists when it comes to migraines, dizziness, concussions and chronic pain in Savannah, GA. If you are suffering from a neurological condition that is not improving, consider treating the condition at its source.

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