Chronic Pain Management

Do you suffer from chronic pain?

Have you tried everything? We offer something different at Savannah NeuroCare. If you have tried everything and have struggled to get better, your in the right place. We are your pain specialists located in the heart of Savannah, GA. Our approach is all about you and helping your brain stop the pain cycle.

Why should you come to see us? 

At Savannah NeuroCare, we take a comprehensive approach. Your pain can be caused by trauma, musculoskeletal dysfunction, degeneration, inflammation, and most commonly your brains compensation pattern. Our doctors are specialists in brain-based pain syndromes as well as physical rehabilitation. The important thing about your brain is that it is a direct output to all of your muscles. When we change your brains function, we allow your muscles to stabilize and function properly. 

Chronic Pain

Do you suffer from extreme chronic pain? At our clinic, we are able to activate the areas of your brain that are typically activated with pain medication. We are able to do this through brain-based rehabilitation. The huge benefit of rehab over drugs is that we are able to strengthen the dysfunction in your brain. This will not only help you feel better, but your brain will allow you to stabilize many of the muscular complaints. This gives you the freedom to enjoy life without severe pain.

Pain syndromes that we treat include:

1. CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) aka Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

2. Central Pain Syndrome

3. Trigeminal Neuralgia or Facial Pain

4. Migraine

If you have a pain syndrome, it is important to address the brain. Too many clinicians are addressing the physical symptoms without addressing the cause. We are excited to offer you both of these treatments together.

Chronic Back Pain

When it comes to chronic back pain, the most important thing to do is stabilize the spine. When the spine is unstable, the larger muscles have to compensate by getting tighter. The muscles that are supposed to stabilize the spine are very small and are known as intrinsic spinal stabilizer muscles. These small muscles are involuntary meaning that your brain controls them without you knowing. This is why clinical neuroscience is so crucial to those that are experiencing chronic back pain. These muscles are controlled by your brain. Without addressing the function of your brain, your back is always going to be over-compensating. This leads to the chronic pain that you feel every day.

Shoulder Pain

With chronic shoulder pain, it is about so much more than just the shoulder and the neck. Your shoulder is heavily dependent on non-voluntary control over many of the stabilizing muscles. This means that the muscles in your shoulder that are causing your pain are controlled by your brain. You must look at the different non-voluntary systems that have an effect on your shoulder. Physical rehabilitation can be very helpful, but without stability, you are fighting a losing battle.

Knee Pain

With those of you suffering from chronic knee pain from degeneration or a serious knee injury, we want to offer you a powerful rehabilitation tool. We use a machine known as the ARP, short for Accelerated Recovery Performance. This machine is used for new ACL, MCL and meniscus injuries and shortens the healing time substantially to get you back to what you love. For chronic pain, this machine will help you build muscle extremely fast and stabilize your knee. We love our ARP machine and so will you when you get better fast.

Brain-Based & Physical Pain

Our doctors will set you up with a program specifically designed to rehab you quickly and address the dysfunction in your brain. Many old injuries that don’t heal are due to the brain maintaining the compensation of that injury. We offer something that has changed so many lives and we want to help you! With the use of the ARP and brain-based therapies, we are helping people recover and live pain-free without the use of drugs. If you are still suffering from pain, we want to help you. We are your brain-based chronic pain specialists in Savannah, GA. Call us today.

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