Clinical Nutrition

At Savannah NeuroCare, the term clinical nutrition or functional medicine is used when we are looking at a patient’s history, symptoms, conditions, labs and/or nutritional and lifestyles choices. At our clinic, we primarily treat brain-based disorders. This requires us to address nutritional factors when necessary. But with that being said, the staff at Savannah NeuroCare are experts in clinical nutrition. For many people that come to our clinic, they have preexisting conditions that prevent them from healing quickly such as poor blood sugar control, hormonal imbalances, dietary issues, or countless other reasons for a slow healing process. Once we address and diagnose the issue, we develop a treatment plan that is individualized for you, so we can attack the condition from every angle.

The body is a beautifully crafted machine where every part works together at some capacity. Knowing this, we understand that every symptom can be a contributing factor to your condition. At our clinic, we pride ourselves in being holistic, simply because everything you do has an impact on your brain. 

 When you run a rehabilitation clinic with the most complex conditions in the world, it is important to quickly learn that some choices that the patient makes, and preexisting conditions have a huge impact on not only the body but their brain condition as well. We are here to help you reach your goals and clinical nutrition may be a necessary step on the way.

Whether you are suffering from dizziness, migraines, or severe pain we must consider all the contributing factors. The literature is conclusive on the effects of inflammation, degeneration, and disease on the brain. We would not be doing our job as doctors if we just got you to feel better as soon as possible. The second part of our job is to help you understand how to stay well once you have left our clinic in beautiful Savannah, Georgia. Clinical nutrition is not necessary for most patients to have relief from their condition, but sometimes it is crucial for them to stay better.

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