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I went to see Dr. Sweeney for my ocular migraines. With his gentle ways and excessive knowledge, I have been able to live migraine free. He is a wonderful doctor and an even better human being. Susan Cross

Do you suffer from migraines? Are you looking for relief? You are in the right place and you are not alone. Savannah, GA is the #1 city with people suffering from migraines according to WTOC (Click Here). When you have tried everything for the treatment of your migraine, you may feel like you want to give up hope or you just want to understand why and what is happening. At Savannah NeuroCare, we are your migraine specialists. We are here to give you hope in a better tomorrow. There is so much information, (right and wrong) when it comes to migraines.

Every migraine starts with an altered state of the brain due to your genes. This altered state is best thought of as a weakness. The weakened area of your brain makes you more susceptible to having migraines. As migraine rehabilitation experts, we need to treat your brain in a similar manner to how we would treat a weak muscle.

You need to make them stronger. The most common question we get is, “how do you do this?” This is the practice of clinical neuroscience. We do a full neurological exam looking for any abnormalities that may exist in your brain. When we see weaknesses, we look to find the cause of the weakness and strengthen the area with specific exercises that allow that area of your brain to fire neurons to rehabilitate your brain.

What we see in the office the most are people suffering from chronic migraines. The chronic migraines have progressed over time and are now debilitating. Meaning that initially the migraines weren’t as bad, or they did not experience them as often as they do today. Unfortunately, this is true with almost all migraine sufferers. If you do not take control of the situation, almost all migraine sufferers experience a much worse situation as the weeks, months, and years go by. The exciting news for all people with migraines is that we have new treatments that work because we are addressing the cause and removing the associated triggers through clinical neuroscience and clinical nutrition.

At our office, we like to combine clinical neuroscience and clinical nutrition with many of our patients. When we do this it is because we know the relationship between a healthy brain and a healthy body. Also, we need your brain to adapt quickly to our treatments and metabolic dysfunction can prevent us from getting the best results. There are so many things that you can do that make you more susceptible to migraines. Things like dietary triggers are common to those suffering from migraines, these triggers make the whole problem worse over time. Hormonal imbalances can cause dysfunction to many different areas of the brain, as well as important lifestyle habits and choices can greatly your migraine. When you come to our office for your first visit we take a look at the big picture of your health. This includes clinical nutrition, which consists of hormones, dietary stressors, physical pain, and the specific details of brain dysfunction that is causing this condition. 

We consider it a blessing to be able to help people that have been suffering from such a severe condition. Many of you have been had your life spin out of control since you experienced your migraines. Now that you know that there is hope, don’t let your migraine knock you down anymore. There is nothing worse than not being able to help or contribute, or even worse feel like you are being a nuisance for those around you. This could not be further from the truth! You must take control of your health and start moving in the direction of being migraine free today.

Understanding the cause of your migraines is the key to solving this problem. We, at Savannah NeuroCare, would love to help you enjoy a life free of migraines! Call today to set up an appointment with the doctor and find out how we can help you get your life back.


Over a years time I had been given multiple different diagnoses, from multiple providers, and had tried so many different treatments only to have my symptoms return or worsen. From the very 1st appointment, I felt I was FINALLY in the right place. After a couple weeks of treatment many of my symptoms improved. My balance and coordination returned.  My dizziness and light-headedness disappeared. The brain fog and lack of feeling present were gone. The severe headaches had  significantly lessened. My terrible fibromyalgia, gone, along with a number of bizarre previously unexplained symptoms. It’s that vested interest in rehabilitating his patients that makes him and excellent doctor.” Crystal Hipple




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