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Dr. Josh Sweeney



Before spending most of his time seeing patients with neurological disorders, Dr. Sweeney spent a lot of his time being the patient. From neurologists and orthopedic specialists to chiropractors and physical therapists, he has been through most of the holistic and traditional medical system due to a few major medical conditions.

Dr. Sweeney was struck by a car going 70mph while riding his bicycle when he was just 14 years old. Lucky to be alive, he suffered a serious brain injury and many broken bones. It took about 2 years of rehab to be able to even play the simplest of sports in high school gym class and many more years and doctors to get his focus, memory, and brain fog to be significantly better.

Through this process, Dr. Sweeney had developed a passion for rehabilitation of brain injuries. This led him to school and later to become a board-certified functional neurologist. Dr. Sweeney has gone through post-doctorate education brain injury rehabilitation, functional medicine, vestibular rehabilitation, movement disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases.

“What was once considered a miracle treatment, is now an expectation with every patient we see”                                                                                                      – Dr. Joshua Sweeney DC DACNB



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