Our Approach

The approach we take at our clinic in Savannah, GA is much different then any other clinic you are familiar with. Our approach is to understand where you have been, how you got to this point, and where you want to go. We need to know what your goals are to help you achieve them. Our initial examination is between 90 – 120-minutes as we take a detailed history and a thorough neurological examination to understand what is going on in your brain. At this point, at the end of your initial examination, the doctor will tell you what he thinks is going on and what the most appropriate next step is for you. If we think you are a good candidate for our clinic, we will lay out a program that will be most effective to help you recover from your current condition. For our out of town patients, we will do the history over the phone and address any nutritional needs prior to you coming into the clinic.

The program that we have for you may consist of clinical nutrition and/or clinical neuroscience. To read more either of those, just click here.

 We believe in not only helping you get better as soon as possible but how we can keep you feeling better long term. As we start our program, most of our patients get better very quickly. From there, we then continue to reinforce the areas of their brain that need to be strengthened. This is accomplished through exercises as we teach patients how to continue getting better and better after leaving our clinic.

For those with metabolic issues, we will not start neurological rehabilitation until we have the stability of these major bodily systems or we believe that your metabolic issues are coming from your neurological condition. If you have more specific questions on how we can help you and want to find out if you are a good candidate for care, call Savannah NeuroCare at 731-400-2590.


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