Vertigo Treatment

“Dr. Josh Sweeney is excellent! He was instrumental in pinning down my POTS diagnosis, as well as figuring out how to manage it. I also really appreciate getting rid of my vertigo symptomsDr. Sweeney is well versed in many aspects of functional health and is easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dr. Sweeney!” Dr. Inna Timshina

Vertigo Treatment

Whether you’re suffering from vertigo, dizziness, or lightheadedness, you have come to the right place. We are your dizziness relief specialists in Savannah, GA. Those that have experienced dizziness know that it can be debilitating. Whether you are scared to drive, walk, run or you have terrible headaches, nausea, or lightheadedness, we want to help you find the root cause. Many of the patients we see have had their lives drastically changed by their dizziness. Fortunately, most of these patients do extremely well with our new dizziness program.

Why see us? The staff at Savannah NeuroCare are well versed in the traditional methods of dizziness rehabilitation. We are also developing revolutionary therapies and treatments that are helping patients that don’t get better with traditional care. We have created new treatments that are not only better, but we are addressing the underlying imbalances and weaknesses in your brain. There is a lot going on between your ears and inside your ears.

Your main balance system is located in your inner ear and is very commonly the cause of your dizziness. There are other systems in your brain that can cause this sensation, but your main balance system is most likely the culprit making you dizzy. It is important to understand that your dizziness is from dysfunction in your brain. It is important to have a neurological examination that is detailed heavily on the function of your balance systems, what is making your balance systems unhealthy, and how to rehabilitate your balance systems.

Brain Dysfunction

When we refer to dysfunction in your brain, we are referring to two different forms of care. The first one being clinical neuroscience which deals with the rehabilitation of the brain. And secondly, clinical nutrition which is essential for many patients to give patients the necessary “fuel” to make the changes with clinical neuroscience. When it comes to treating vertigo and dizziness, clinical neuroscience and clinical nutrition are occasionally used together. We do this when someone has metabolic issues that are affecting their balance systems causing the dizziness. Doing this with certain patients, we continuously see fantastic results.

Clinical Nutrition

Addressing your nutritional health allows us to have a much better environment to change your brain and change it quickly. There are things that make you more susceptible to being dizzy. For example, things like poor blood sugar regulation and dietary mistakes are commonly done by those suffering from dizziness. Other imbalances in the body can cause failure of specific areas of your brain. Instability of major body systems including blood, adrenals, and liver or lifestyle habits and choices can be contributing factors to your dizziness.

Our Approach

When you come to our office, we may need to understand the big picture of your health. This may include nutritionally, hormonal, physical complaints, and the intricacies of your brain that are failing that are allowing the dizziness to happen. We help people like yourself from dizziness every week and we love what we do. So many people are unable to continue their daily activities because of their dizziness. This can be fear of driving, walking or maybe just standing up. Some are forced to leave their job, neglect their family and friends and other obligations because the dizziness is unbearable. If your dizziness has persisted and no one has been able to help, give us a call and to understand how we can help you.

We know that you want to be able to help yourself and those around you, severe dizziness can cause so many problems and its time to overcome this brain dysfunction. We encourage everyone being an advocate for your own their own health. Because there are so many different types of dizziness setting up a free consultation with the doctor is the best way to find out how we can help you. On occasion, dizziness can be expressing itself due to a more serious underlying condition. When experiencing a sudden onset of dizziness for the first time, it may be the initial sign of a stroke. If this is the case, get yourself to the hospital as soon as possible. Call today and learn how we can help you. 

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